The mission of Ronnia Langston Foundation, Inc. is to create opportunities and give our youth an access and the tools needed to help them reach their goals by providing the knowledge of sports, education, performing arts and volunteerism.

"Dream Big"

Mission Statement

The RLF is Now Enrolling  Ronnia Langston Foundation, Inc. commitment to education by partnering with its on Mentoring Programs  and Summer food program in the area to provide financial, organizational, and publishing assistance across the globe. aims to make a difference by sponsoring innovative educational.

Ronnia Langston Foundation will host and promote the sports camp throughout the community. The venues will be provided though the schools community service agencies, sororities, and the faith-based community. 

A volunteer management program will be developed to recruit, train and manage volunteers by creating a database to help sustain volunteer support. Volunteers will be recruited from faith-based organizations, youth groups, college students and other local community groups to support the mission and the purpose of the organization. Volunteers will receive orientation training and support to help them remain committed to the mission and the purpose of the organization.

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Ronnia Langston Foundation, Inc


R. L. F. Finds your inner power by helping others

We are proud of the positive impacts that our sponsors and supporters has produced to date. And we look forward to opportunities that the future holds as we partner with outstanding companies that continue to make positive impacts – particularly those focused in the areas of Education, Sports, Performing Arts, Health, Economic Development and Special Projects. Corporate Sponsorships or Corporate Partnerships

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